1. Prospective member (applicant) applies on the website. NOTE: Hard copy forms will be allowed for the next 6 months.
  2. Application goes to ES (Executive Secretary) or his delegate. Acknowledgement goes to applicant’s provided email.
  3. ES assesses the validity and prospect of applicant. If no, application is rejected and applicant advised. End. If prospective, ES forwards to chapter having jurisdiction. If applicant’s location is yet to have a chapter of jurisdiction, the application will be handled administratively by ES.
  4. Chapter examines application using NSE or COREN. Chapter registers applicant as member. Then application is cleared and returned to ES with evidence of eligibility (NSE/COREN number).
  5. ES verifies evidence and resolves any other issues necessary.
  6. ES present eligible and cleared prospective applications to the Membership Board (or EXCO in the absence of the Board) for consideration and approval where found okay.
  7. ES communicates all applicants with the advice of the Board/EXCO decision.
    Successful applicants are advised to make necessary payments.
  8. Applicant/payer is confirmed as a member and issued with NIEEE Number and login details upon confirmation of payment.
  9. Certificate is collected during Induction
  10. End

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