Fellow Membership


Every Candidate for admssion to the class of fellow or for transfer from member to fellow shall apply and produce evidence acceptable to the council, that

  1. he possesses a Degree in Electrical Engineering registrable by COREN
  2. has been a corporate member of the institution for at least ten years
  3. has held a position of higher responsibility and has attained prominence in the profession OR in a very special case
  4. has made extra-ordinary contribution to the cause of the institution, as determined by the Council.

A Fellow of the Institution is a distinguished category of member with all privileges of a member and other ones conferred by the Fellowship category as prescribed by Council. A Fellow is eligible to vote at the AGM and can aspire to any positions in the Institution in line with the conditions as prescribed by Council.

A Fellow of the Institution is recognised for valuable and selfless service to the Society and widely acknowledged authority in his field.

Fellow Forms