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History of the NIEEE

In 1984, Engr.(Dr.) Olusegun Ajayi, FNSE, PPNSE (1989-1990) led a movement for the formation of professional divisions among the various disciplines that constitute the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), aimed at strengthening professional development activities among the disciplines. This movement also enjoyed the support of Engr A.O Faluyi, the then President of NSE. He presented a paper to the Council of the NSE with a strong appeal in favour of the formation of Divisions within the NSE. After extensive deliberations, the Council granted approval for the formation of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Divisions; this was based on the visibility and numerical strength of these disciplines. In 1985, the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Electrical Division was formed with Engr.(Dr.) Olusegun Ajayi as the pioneer chairman.The Electrical Division was the first Division within the NSE that was formed.

Annual General Meeting/International Conference

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Electrical Division introduced the Annual General Meeting/International Conference and Exhibition on Power and Telecommunications (ICEPT) as the apex formal assembly for all Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Nigeria. The AGM/ICEPT features election of the Executive Committee of the institution (in an election year), the presentation of technical papers on topical issues and exhibition on the latest engineering products, systems and technologies.

Most Promising Engineer Award to Distinguished Electrical/Electronics Engineers Annual Lecture (DEEEAL)

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Electrical Division started a league of merit awards for deserving members after proper recommendation and peer - review assessment.

The first one was tagged the "Most Promising Engineer Award" and was awarded to Engr. Dr. Tita- Warra in 1992, now a professor of Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, for his contributions towards the teaching and research in Electrical Electronics Engineering. The event was anchored by the then Chairman of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Electrical Division, Engr F. A. Somolu, FNSE, PPNSE (1993-1994)

However, after two years, the award series was reviewed during which it was established that the criteria for the award was difficult to administer and that the award ceremony was not economically self-sustaining. Engr. Emmanuel Akinwole, FNSE (then, General Secretary of Electrical Division), suggested the re-structuring and re-naming of the award to "Distinguished Electrical/Electronics Engineers Annual Lecture (DEEEAL)." In 1994, DEEEAL was established under the chairmanship of Engr. F. A. Somolu

Naming and Registering the NIEEE

In 1997, in recognition of the leading achievements of the Electrical Division amongst the other divisions in the NSE, the then President of the NSE, Dr. Ehi Joseph Uujamhan, during the Ordinary General Meeting of the division in Benin, suggested that it was time for the division to seek registration as an institution.

Discussions on the desirability of the registration of the division as an institution went on between 1997 and 2002, when a consensus decision in favour of registration was attained. By this time, other divisions of the NSE has transformed into institutions but without completing legal registration. In 2002, the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Electrical Division became legally registered as a legal entity - the first Division of the NSE to achieve this feat. On 12th October 2006, the Annual General Meeting of the Division voted to change the name of the Division to Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE). In January 2007, the NSE Council ratified the  change of name   


The NIEEE has won eleven out of the thirteen Group Dynamics Competition of the NSE that it has participated in (the competition is organized by the NSE and it is the highest professional excellence honour for NSE divisions).

In 2010, the NIEEE became the first division to introduce a special annual retreat called Annual Retreat/Performance Assessment for National Executive and Chapter chairmen of the institution. The retreat provides a forum for the leaders of the institution to strategize on programmes and resources that will aid the development and growth of the institution, electrical and electronics engineers as well as the electrical/electronics engineering profession. This first retreat was held during the NIEEE chairmanship of Engr.Olafemi Olaniyan, MNSE.

Major activities of the NIEEE include

  • Publication of Newpapers and magazines of which Electrical News is the flagship publication. Electrical News was first published in 1991; the last publication is Vol 3 Issue No. 4 (Oct - Dec 1995) However the magazine has since been rebranded in 2000 and repackaged as ee+t magazine which runs till date
  • Publication of NIEEE 10th Year Souvenir Book (1985 - 1995)
  • Conducted National Seminars in association with Federal Ministry of Power in 1990 and 1993 to review the Revised Electricity Supply and Wiring regulations Cap 57 of the Laws of the Federation ( so as to produce the gazette and remaned Cap 106: Electricity Supply and Wiring Regulations: Laws of Nigeria, 1990)
  • Publication of Annual Conference Proceedings since 1993
  • Industrial visits to Electrical and Electronics and Telecommunications firms
  • Organization of Professional Development courses such as The Engineer in Management Seminar, Electrical Plant Operators course

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